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Maths & Science:  Adventurescope


Available term 2


About the show:

This is a highly interactive Maths & Science show where students are constantly asked to be costumed volunteers on stage and become part of the action. We show how maths and science are used to solve everyday problems.

Key Themes: Maths, Science, Problem Solving.
Key Learning Areas: Maths, Science, Drama, Dance and Music.

Suitable for: Prep to Grade 6


Show Synopsis:

Doctor Who has locked himself out of his T.A.R.D.I.S. Join him as he enlists the help of some of our favourite movie characters to solve the puzzles and unlock the combination

  • How can Darth Fader charge up his light sabre when the batteries go flat? Perhaps he needs to make a power generator to create electricity.
  • Why won’t Robin Hoodie’s arrows fly straight? Is it something to do with aerodynamics?
  • How can Captain Jill Sparrow find sunken treasure when her treasure map is written in invisible ink? If only she could understand chemistry to make the message appear.
  • Superman gets his strength from the sun but where can Super Dooper Man get his energy? Can the healthy living pyramid help him understand nutrition?
  • Harry Potplant can do almost any type of magic, but can he read minds? Maybe a magic maths code could help?


$7.95 (exc. GST) per student.

Please note there is a minimum of $795 (exc. GST) for up to 100 students



“A wonderful performance…amazing and awesome!” – St John’s Lutheran PS. Kingaroy, QLD

“Prompted great maths discussions! To combine Science and Maths with theatre and film worked very well.” – East Launceston PS, East Launceston, TAS

“High standard, fast paced, superb performance!” – Piangil PS, Piangil, VIC

“What a wonderful way to learn about science!” – Auburn PS, Auburn, SA

“Fast paced, great characters and story lines. Science concepts embedded cleverly into each scene.” – Watervale PS, Watervale, SA