CBCA Younger Readers’ Book adaptation for Book Week & Literacy Week

Available term 3


About the show:

Each year, in celebration of Book Week and Literacy Week, we adapt one of the books shortlisted for the CBCA Younger Readers Book of The Year Award.

We create a 40 minute musical production including original songs and puppetry.

This year’s chosen book is Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade Captain Jimmy Cookby Kate & Jol Temple

Jimmy Cook has discovered that he has quite a lot in common with the explorer Captain James Cook. He’s determined to travel to Hawaii to finish what he started.

Captain Jimmy Cook… lends itself to many aspects of the school curriculum:

  • History and the use of primary sources
  • Family history and it’s importance to self-perception
  • Art as a primary source and its interpretation as an historical record
  • Mental and Physical Health: discussion about the competition between James and Alice


Key Learning Areas: Drama, Dance, Music, SOSE, Literacy

Suitable for:  Grades 4 to 8



$8.80 (exc. GST) per student.

Please note there is a minimum of $880 (exc. GST) for up to 100 students


Our previous adaptations:

2016 - Run, Pip, Run
by J.C. Jones

Run, Pip, Run by J.C. Jones

"The whole show was amazing and too short... the show could be improved by a bigger audience. Everybody who reads the book must look at the show. It's so cool. I really enjoyed it."
"I thought the comedy was on point. Their acting was outstanding, amazing voices and talent."
"My favourite part of the incredible show is the puppets...The show can be improved by NOTHING because it was perfect."
Student feedback

"The movement throughout the room was incredible. Every student had their attention fixed the entire time. The Q&A session where the kids got to ask questions was excellent. I liked pulling out some of the positive themes of friendship, etc."
St Michaels PS, North Melbourne, VIC

"Just a quick thank you for a wonderful performance of Run, Pip, Run yesterday. Debbie and Luke were terrific and the kids were so engaged and asked a heap of questions. Well done!"
J.C. Jones, Author of Run, Pip, Run

"It was tremendously well done and how you got so much detail into 45 minutes is just amazing. The two musical pieces were a terrific addition."
Allen & Unwin, Publisher of Run, Pip, Run

"The puppetry was excellent. Clever use of space. Great interaction with the audience and getting them involved."
Morang South PS, VIC

"Audience were very engaged. Actors very professional and entertaining. Faces of children said it all.
Siena PS, Sippy Downs, QLD

"I liked how you had different focus areas so the children were looking in all directions."
Al Sadiq College, Greenacre, NSW
2015 - The Simple Things
by Bill Condon

The Simple Things by Bill Condon

Goulburn Valley Grammar School, Shepparton VIC

“I could not have hoped for a better adaptation of my book. I’ve had several plays produced and another of my books adapted for stage, but none have come anywhere near the high standard I witnessed today. I think it was far more entertaining than many plays I’ve seen at city venues. I’m not saying that just because it was based on my book, but because of the acting, direction - the whole package.”
Bill Condon, author of The Simple Things
2014 - My Life as an Alphabet
by Barry Jonsberg

2014 My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg

"One of the best performances they have seen."
Kyneton PS, VIC

"Wonderful, thoughtful, engaging and stimulating visual performance that did not shy away from the sensitive issues in the text but balanced the performance (in common with the style of the book) with alternating sad, bitter sweet moments and hilarity."
Wattle Park Primary School, VIC
2013 - Other Brother
by Simon French

2013 Other Brother by Simon French

"I really appreciated the discussion and questioning at the end of the show. It was aimed at high-order and inferential thinking. This was also well modelled for teachers."
Camelot Rise PS, Glen Waverley VIC

"A very original and entertaining performance. All kids were fully engaged throughout the entire performance. We all thought it was a very unique and highly engaging way to tell a story with a message! Well done!"
Woodport Public School, Erina NSW
2012 - Bungawitta
by Emily Rodda

2012 Bungawitta by Emily Rodda

"I've read the story aloud many times and you both did justice to the 12 characters and all of their characteristics. Our students loved the sets and props and talked about the puppets after the show. Thanks for a great Book Week experience."
St Monica's Primary School, Evatt, ACT

“Primary students watched amazing drama on the Book Week story, “Bungawitta”, set in outback Australia. This story showed how kids can achieve so much.”
Forster Primary School, Forster, NSW
2011 - Duck for a Day
by Meg McKinlay

2011 Duck for a Day by Meg McKinlay

“My children were inspired to create their own plays.”
Camberwell South PS, Camberwell, VIC

“A genuine career highlight... watching it made me a bit teary.”
Meg McKinlay, Author “Duck for a Day”

“Fabulous performance! The students loved the characters, the puppetry and the songs! Mrs Melvino was outrageous.”
St Patrick's PS, North Parramatta, NSW
2010 - Matty Forever
by Elizabeth Fensham

2010 Matty Forever by Elizabeth Fensham

"What a fantastic storyline to explore with the children. It really touched in on social and emotional learning and different issues facing many children today. A great story to explore further with our students."
St MacArtans Primary School, Mornington. VIC

"The play related really well to issues and concerns that children in Yrs 5 & 6 deal with. It was good for the children to see how a problem that the character faced could be resolved, i.e., demonstrating conflict resolution skills (integrating well with curriculum/programs taught in class)...Very appropriate for the age group as they children were very engaged and attentive...Great performance! Well done."
Holy Spirit Primary School, Carnes Hill, NSW
2009 - Audrey of the Outback
by Christine Harris

2009 Audrey of the Outback by Christine Harris

"The show tied in perfectly with our Australian History Integrated Unit and there was plenty of discussion afterwards about swaggies and the colloquial language of the day. Many thanks for a fantastic show."
The Patch Primary School, The Patch, VIC

"Great show! Even though I have read the book I couldn't tell where events had been left out. The action and flow were seamless from one story section to the next!"
Nulkaba Public School, Nulkaba, NSW
2008 - Amelia Dee & the Peacock Lamp
by Odo Hirsch

2008 Amelia Dee & the Peacock Lamp by Odo Hirsch

"I liked that it was true to the story and used many of the same words and Odo Hirsch's style."
Trinity Catholic Primary School, Kemps Creek, NSW

“Amelia Dee was a really enjoyable play to watch. We liked the relationship between Amelia and the best friend Eugenie.”
St MacArtan’s Primary School, Mornington, VIC
2007 - Being Bee
by Catherine Bateson

2007 Being Bee by Catherine Bateson

“The College appreciated your sensitivity to the Christian school ethos in the presentation and follow-up discussion.”
Flinders Christian College, Tyabb, VIC

“Very enjoyable. Very good performance. Professionally presented and pertinent to certain students living/family situations. The number of tears in the audience was an indication of how well the story touched the students. Students were very engaged... All comments from the children were positive. Students were excited by the characters and were keen to discuss the relationships acted out between each character.”
Flemington Primary School, VIC
2006 - To The Light
by Pat Flynn

2006 To The Light by Pat Flynn

"It was great to observe a creative way of approaching literacy using drama."
Glen Eira Secondary College, VIC

"Advantage of this group is that they are educators and connected at kids’ level." Montrose Primary School, VIC
2005 - Billy Mack's War
by James Roy

2005 Billy Mack's War by James Roy

"The grade 5/6's are planning to read "Captain Mack" as a class serial. They were very inspired."
Wattle Park PS, VIC

"Students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Our students have not had much exposure to drama / live performances, so they were really captivated by the acting and singing."
Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne, VIC
2004 - Stella By the Sea
by Ruth Starke

2004 Stella By the Sea by Ruth Starke

"Lots of humour which engaged the children… Great themes about community… An engaging, vibrant production.”
The Peninsula School, VIC

“Excellent production. It was great to see how closely you stuck to the story text, but at the same time bought an extra dimension to it! Good choice of material – backyard pet theme children can relate to... Inspiration for drama in class.”
Narre Warren North Primary School, VIC
2003 - Tom Jones Saves the World
by Steven Herrick

2003 Tom Jones Saves the World by Steven Herrick

"We've looked through the teacher's notes and have some great ideas for follow-ups." Yea Primary School, VIC

"First class dramatisation of an excellent story - students were still singing the song and laughing over incidents next week in the library. I thought the play was terrific! Very thought provoking and wonderfully performed."
Christian College Middle School, VIC
2002 - My Story - A Different Sort of Real, The Diary of Charlotte McKenzie, Melbourne, 1918
by Kerry Greenwood

2002 My Story - A Different Sort of Real, The Diary of Charlotte McKenzie, Melbourne, 1918 by Kerry Greenwood

"Best performance ever! I've been a teacher for over 20 years and witnessed many performances, but this production was simply the best - totally professional, true to the book, thought provoking, everything."
Narre Warren North Primary School, VIC

"After the performance we talked about this in class. From what the boys said, I could tell they thoroughly enjoyed the play and freely talked about war, it's affects and what life was like in Melbourne in the 1920's. It also motivated some boys to buy the book at the "Book Fair" and read it!"
Scotch College Junior School, VIC
2002 - When Dogs Cry
by Markus Zusak

2002 When Dogs Cry by Markus Zusak

"Very well performed. The material was very relevant to the students. A measure of its success was the fact that almost all the boys were riveted to the performance. Several teachers commented on how attentive the students were, especially the boys…I was very impressed with your professionalism and your handling of questions from the audience. I haven't seen as many of our students willing to ask questions of visitors as they did after this performance."
Nhill College, VIC
2001 - Something's Fishy, Hazel Green!
by Odo Hirsch

2001 Something's Fishy, Hazel Green! by Odo Hirsch

"Very funny and entertaining... A brilliant performance. The children were captivated by your humour and talent. It certainly inspired the children to read the story"
Maranatha Christian College, VIC

"It was a huge step for that child to admit that he also couldn't read, just like the character in the play. Obviously the theme of illiteracy and bravery struck a particular chord with him"
Toorak Library, VIC
2000 - Captain Mack
by James Roy

2000 Captain Mack by James Roy

"Excellent performance!"
Newcombe Library, VIC

"Amazing reaction by the students and fabulous interpretation of a meaningful book. Everyone loved it."
Cranbourne Christian College, VIC